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Midterm Elections


Midterm Elections

The elections in which Americans vote for their congressional representatives but not for their president are known as midterm elections. Every two years Americans elect members of the U.S. House of Representatives to two-year terms and about one-third of their U.S. senators, who serve six-year terms. Voters also will select officials to state and local government posts.



The 2006 Midterm Elections
Todd, Chuck
Foreign Press Center, June 21, 2006
Chuck Todd, National Journal contributing editor, political commentator on TV MSNBC, and editor-in chief of The Hotline answered the questions of the journalists in the Foreign Press Center about the Midterm Elections 2006.
Transcript and audio file

Will the Republican Retain Congress in 2006
Cook Jr., Charles E.
The Washington Quarterly Autumn 2006, pp.153-158
The article focuses on the prospects of the Republican Party in the 2006 midterm election in the United States.Charles Cook is a political analyst for NBC News and editor and publisher of the Cook Political Report, a Washington-based, nonpartisan newsletter analyzing U.S. politics and elections.
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Recent Articles

After U.S. Primaries, Focus on November Midterm Elections. A Democrat from Minnesota could be first Muslim in Congress
Carolee Walker
U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Information Programs September 13, 2006

Going Blue
Cohen, Richard E.; Baumann, David, Kirk, Victor
National Journal, November 11, 2006, v38, #45,pp14-20
House and Senate Democrats say that the lessons they have learned from mistakes they made the last time they were in power -- and from watching Republicans pay a political price for their blunders -- will help them run a smarter majority during the next two years... But can they keep their focus once they assume control of the Congress? Contributing to this article were National Journal Staff Correspondents Richard E. Cohen, David Baumann and Victor Kirk Journal.

New Tools Encourage Americans To Exercise Right to Vote. Help America Vote Act sparks improvements in voting process
Jane Morse
U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Information Programs August 20, 2007

Political Candidate Ride the Youtube, Myspace Wave
Publishing Broadcasting Service, September 27, 2006
Candidates discover online video posting and social networking websites
Full text

Security is the Cry
Cohen, Richard E.; Barnes, James A.
National Journal September 23, 2006, pp.30-34
The article discusses the use of war-on-terrorism themes by U.S. Republican candidates as a major campaign strategy for the November 2006 elections. According to Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, Republicans are united in recognizing that the country is at war." Richard E. Cohen and James A. Barnes are staff writers for the National Journal.
Full text

Teens and Politics
Chelsea Parrish, 14, talks about why youth could and sould take part in the political process
Publishing Broadcasting Service
, June 23, 2006
Full text
and MP3 file

The Bush Referendum
Victor, Kirk; Baumann, David
National Journal September 23, 2006, pp.24-28
"The article focuses on the campaign strategy of the U.S. Democrats against the Republicans for the November 2006 elections. Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter suggests that Democrats should show voters that Republicans' support for the programs of President George W. Bush ties them directly to him." Kirk Victor and David Baumann are staff writers for the National Journal.
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Midterm Match-Up: Partisan Tide vs. Safe Seats
Kohut, Andrew
Pew Research Center
, February 13, 2006
"So with nine months to go until the midterms, we see the public's strong discontent with the powers-that-be in Washington, usually a harbinger of political change, contending with the forces of safe-seat redistricting and low public regard for Democratic leaders. How these factors play out are the big political unknowns of 2006."


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U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Germany

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The FEC enforces laws regulating campaign funds.

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New York Times - Election Guide
The 2006 Election Guide analyses over 500 races for the Senate, House and governor seats.

Washington Post - Elections 2006
Compilation of the newspaper's coverage of the 2006 campaign.

Lesson Plan

Media's Use of Polling Data in Presidential Election Coverage: Why does the media rely so heavily on polls in campaign coverage?
Students answer this question and learn the strengths and weaknesses of polling data.
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