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Celebrating Ramadan in the U.S.
An estimated two to seven million Muslims live and worship freely in America, the majority of them considering themselves equally Muslim and American. With the growing number of Muslims has come a growing awareness of Islam's customs. Just a few years ago, Ramadan was practically unknown in the U.S., but today Americans are quickly becoming aware of its importance to their Muslim friends and neighbors. A recent Pew Center Study ("Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream") says Muslims living in America are well integrated and largely assimilated.

Back to School
For most elementary and secondary school students in the United States, the Labor Day weekend heralds the end of summer vacation. Back-to-school time is eagerly anticipated by most students - catching up with friends, making new ones and settling into a new daily routine. But what would life be like without an education?

50th Anniversary of Jack Kerouac's On the Road
One of American literature's landmark novels, Jack Kerouac's On the Road turns 50 in September 2007. Reading On the Road - which has been called "the bible of the Beat generation" - has become a rite of passage. The book has influenced scores of artists, musicians and film-makers, but how does it resonate with young people today?

Teaching Literature: Arab American Writers

There is a thriving Arab American literary tradition. It goes back to the early years of the 20th century. Arab-American authors draw from both their Arab and American identities in their writings. "I believe the immigrant's story is compelling to us because it is so consciously undertaken. The immigrant compresses time and space-starting out in one country and then very deliberately starting again, a little later, in another. It's a sort of fantasy to have the chance to re-create yourself, but it's also a nightmare, because so much is lost." Diana Abu-Jaber, one of the Arab American writers introduced in this newsletter

This Month: 9/11 Anniversary

Six years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, the world continues to witness the effects of terrorism. Significant security concerns remain in this post-9/11 world. Despite the efforts of terrorists to disrupt peace, the resilience of people around the world has demonstrated that the human spirit will always triumph over tragedy. Reaching out to other religions and religious leaders have brought communities together since the 9/11 attacks.

New e-Journal: Dynamic English
This new edition of the e-Journal discusses the forces that are shaping and changing everyday English. From cultural, technological and international influences to movies, music and sports, the authors present examples of ways English changes daily. Other articles describe the process of language change, and tips for deciphering slang.

Web Chat Station: Independent and Responsible Media
Emmy Award-winning journalist Elizabeth O. Colton discusses the relationship between government and the media and good journalistic practices.



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Updated: August 7, 2007