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Economic Crisis
The rising number of defaults on home loans — loans made to individuals who could not afford them — has led to the failure of a half-dozen major banks and other financial companies. On October 3, President Bush signed into law legislation designed to stabilize the U.S. and global financial systems by thawing frozen credit markets and preventing further bank bankruptcies.

ELECTIONS 2008: Candidates, Debates & Electoral College
TV Debates: In 2008, for the first time since the beginning of TV debates in 1960, we witness a series of general election debates lacking either a sitting president or vice president. Many journalists and political pundits have used a s ports analogy by treating presidential debates as boxing matches.

eJournal USA THE CANDIDATES: This issue looks at presidential candidates Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, their vice presidential running mates, and their families.

eJournal USA THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: More than 100 million voters are likely to cast ballots in nationwide U.S. elections November 4. But only 538 men and women will elect the next president of the U.S., and those elections will take place in 50 state capitals and in Washington, D.C., December 15.

Literature: Turkish-American Literature at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Meet Güneli Gün and Maureen Freely.

The History of Reading: Does an increase in reading on the Internet have a negative effect on the way people think? Or are opponents of online reading overreacting to a new technology with which they are unfamiliar?

In Focus: Nobel Peace Prize
In Focus: "Green Card Lottery"

Webchat Station: Ask America: What questions do you have as Election Day draws near?'s election experts keep you up to date on the candidates, issues and quirky happenings in the 2008 campaign on the blog Campaign Trail Talk.

Introducing: Inspiring Teachers: Empowering Educators around the World.


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