2006 Statistical Abstract of the United States

The Statistical Abstract is the most well-known single source of statistics
on social, political, and economic conditions in the United States.
It is published by the U.S. Census Bureau but includes data from other
government agencies,
as well as private organizations. S
elected international data are also included.
The Statistical Abstract has been published since 1878.
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  Table Number
Section 1. Population 1-71
Section 2. Vital Statistics 72-117
Section 3. Health and Nutrition 118-203
Section 4. Education 204-292
Section 5. Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prisons 293-346
Section 6. Geography and Environment 347-383
Section 7. Elections 384-414
Section 8. State and Local Government Finances and Employment 415-458
Section 9. Federal Government Finances and Employment 459-489
Section 10. National Defense and Veterans Affairs 490-526
Section 11. Social Insurance and Human Services 527-575
Section 12. Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings 576-649
Section 13. Income, Expenditures, and Wealth 650-704
Section 14. Prices 705-724
Section 15. Business Enterprise 725-773
Section 16. Science and Technology 774-794
Section 17. Agriculture 795-843
Section 18. Natural Resources 844-885
Section 19. Energy and Utilities 886-920
Section 20. Construction and Housing 921-969
Section 21. Manufactures 970-1011
Section 22. Domestic Trade 1012-1041
Section 23. Transportation 1042-1109
Section 24. Information and Communications 1110-1150
Section 25. Banking, Finance, and Insurance 1151-1217
Section 26. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 1218-1256
Section 27. Accommodation, Food Services, and Other Services 1257-1272
Section 28. Foreign Commerce and Aid 1273-1297
Section 29. Puerto Rico and the Outlying Areas 1298-1310
Section 30. Comparative International Statistics 1311-1376

Page Number
Appendix I. Guide to Sources of Statistics 900-914
Appendix I. Guide to State Statistical Abstracts 915-918
Appendix I. Guide to Foreign Statistical Abstracts 919-920
Appendix II. Metropolitan Areas: Concepts, Components, and Population 921-940
Appendix III. Limitations of the Data 941-960
Appendix IV. Weights and measures 961
Appendix V. Tables Deleted From Earlier Editions of the Statistical Abstract 962-964
Appendix VI. Guide to New Tables 965-967
Index 968-1023
Acknowledgments ii
Preface v-vi
Contents vii-xi
Guide to Tabular Presentation xi-xii
Telephone and Internet Contacts xiii-xvi