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Food Security
Food security is one of the top issues worldwide and a “very top priority” for the Obama administration. “There is no reason why we should have the kind of hunger in the world that we have today,” Tony Hall, the executive director of the Washington-based Alliance to End Hunger, said, with “well over 1 billion people who are chronically hungry, many to the point of starving.” The United States, Hall said, still ranks as the world’s largest contributor to the World Food Programme and donates food assistance on a bilateral basis as well.

Looking Back: The Fall of The Wall & The Oral History Project of the U.S. Mission Germany
The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later. A publication by the U.S. Department of State. Among the voices gathered here are those of leading scholars, a dissident from a time when dissent required real bravery, and a journalist who was there when the walls came down all through Eastern Europe.
Oral History Project: Undivided Encounters with America. The project highlights the American connections to the GDR by an interactive online oral history collection designed to record the reciprocal impressions of GDR citizens and Americans who lived through this period of history.

National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month
Presidential Proclamation on Native American Heritage Month 2009:“The indigenous peoples of North America -- the First Americans -- have woven rich and diverse threads into the tapestry of our Nation's heritage. Throughout their long history on this great land, they have faced moments of profound triumph and tragedy alike. [...]"

Literature: Indigenous Storytelling
Storytelling is an effective technique to capture the imaginations of young minds and improve students' language skills. Storytelling also can appeal to different senses and learning styles, and can be a wonderful way to connect cultures. “The indigenous peoples that first inhabited the Americas held their literature in memory to be transmitted orally, and members of surviving indigenous nations still do. Before there was writing, there were stories."

In Focus: Thankgiving
Short Story by O. Henry: Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen
Mark Twain: Thanksgiving Day
Poem by Thornton W. Burgess: Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year

International Education Week


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Updated: November 18, 2009