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2010 FIFA World Cup
The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest single sporting event, and with over half the world watching, millions will come together to share the passion of soccer – or football as it’s called around the world. Soccer is the world’s most popular game, a sport over which no nation can claim ownership. Its World Cup is truly international and the ultimate yardstick of national self-esteem.

Generations: The Millennials
Millennials," the generation born between 1980 (some point to 1978 or 1982 to mark this generation) and 2000, currently include roughly 95 million young people up to 30 years of age. This makes the Millennials the biggest age group in U.S. history.

The Millennial generation has already begun to emerge as a powerful political and social force – and some of them are working at the White House. The Millennials are well-educated, open-minded, and independent—in political, social, and philosophical terms.

Sports in Literature
Sports illuminate and transform a society. Sports change lives, affect politics, fuel our economy, and shape our culture. The American Dream is personified in our champions, in the records they set and the barriers they break. The dynamic interaction of athletes, fans, and the media produces inexplicable loyalties, lasting legends, and revered heroes. The greatest champions stand for more than the records they break. They stand for the barriers they shatter—physical, social, psychological, racial, cultural—and change the way we think about our world.

Sports are everywhere in America. And in the last century some of the most significant writers in America have found sports well worth writing about.

In Focus: Ambassador Murphy's Heroes - Landon Donovan
Our Ambassador Philip Murphy has introduced his heroes to the audiences during his town hall meetings. In this month’s edition we will focus one of the players of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team – Landon Donovan.

2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 – Democracy is Soccer? One filmmaker from Indonesia thinks so. On the eve of the World Cup, share your thoughts in a discussion with Paul Teeple of A Ganar -- a cutting edge project that uses soccer and other team sports to teach employability skills like teamwork, communication, discipline, respect, and a focus on continual self-improvement. Watch the video, explore the ideas below and tell us what you think.

eJournal USA: See you in the USA II


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Updated: June 11, 2010