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The Arts

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The Media


Ch. 1 - One From Many
Immigration patterns and ethnic composition

Ch. 2 - From Sea to Shining Sea
Geography and regional characteristics

Ch. 3 - Toward the City on a Hill
A brief history of the United States

Ch. 4 - A Responsive Government
Separation of powers and the democratic process

Ch. 5 - The Business of America
Agriculture, mass production, the labor movement, and the economic system

Ch. 6 - A Diverse Educational System
Structure, standards, and challenges

Ch. 7 - A Republic of Science
Inquiry and innovation in science and medicine

Ch. 8 - Separating Church and State
Freedom of religion

Ch. 9 - The Social Safety Net
Public assistance and health care

Ch. 10 - Distinctively American Arts
Music, dance, architecture, visual arts, and literature

Ch. 11 - Exporting Popular Culture
Baseball, basketball, movies, jazz, rock and roll, and country music

Ch. 12 - The Media and Their Messages
Freedom of the press, newspapers, radio, and television

National Celebrations
Holidays in the United States

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