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Bundeskanzler Schröder und US-Botschafter CoatsThe terrorist attacks of September 11 fundamentally altered the way we see ourselves and the world around us. The nations of the world have united in a long-term struggle against the threat of global terrorism, and the U.S. and Germany stand together at the forefront of that alliance. This struggle requires us to use all the instruments of national and international persuasion -- diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement, financial, and military.

From the day following the terrorist attacks, Germany's support for the global campaign to defeat terrorism has been unlimited and unwavering. As the long list of nations, including Germany, who lost citizens in the September 11 attacks shows, terror's innocent victims are of all nationalities and all faiths. Taking advantage of the very freedoms that are the hallmarks of democratic societies, terrorists rob innocent victims of life, and rob all of us of our security.

Working together with a shared sense of purpose, Germans, Americans, and all those who are part of this common effort can end the scourge of terror. As President Bush and many others have repeatedly stressed, the struggle in which we are engaged will not be easy, brief, or painless. I know that in the weeks and months ahead, the challenge we face will often appear daunting and dangerous; yet it also offers us tremendous opportunities. With patience, determination, and the firm awareness that Germany and the United States are again united in a common struggle to defend not only our people, but also our civilization and fundamental values, I am convinced that in the end we will prevail. And we will do it together.

Ambassador Daniel R. Coats


Bundeskanzler Schröder und US-Botschafter Coats. Berlin, 14. September 2001. (BPA)

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