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Sorrow & Mourning


Sorrow & Mourning

crowd in Berlin "Our unity is a kinship of grief..."
President Bush. National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Service. National Cathedral in Washington. September 14, 2001. Fulltext

"If we, the nations of the world, stand united, terror will not triumph."
Bundespresident Johannes Rau. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. September 14, 2001. Fulltext

"The 11th of September 2001 will go down in history as a black day. Today we are still horror-struck by an unprecedented terrorist attack on the principles that hold our world together."
Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. German Bundestag. September 12, 2001. Fulltext

"Dear Berliners, Dear Germans, Dear Friends,
For half a century, we stood together again and again to defend this city, our freedom and our civilization against attack. When the wall that divided this city finally fell, and Berlin and Germany were once again united, many of us hoped and believed that we had finally put such challenges behind us.
Now a new and fateful struggle stands before us: a struggle with a new kind of enemy, one who is nearly invisible, one who hates our civilization - your civilization and my civilization - hates it so much that he is prepared to die himself in order to destroy it.
The struggle against this enemy will not be brief; it will not be easy; and it will not be painless. This struggle will demand from all of us courage, patience and fortitude. But these are qualities which you, over the past half century, have displayed in abundance; and I am firmly convinced that, as we stand shoulder to shoulder once again to defend our common values and our common civilization, we will prevail in this struggle as well."
Ambassador Daniel R. Coats. Brandenburg Gate, September 14, 2001. Fulltext

Over 200, 000 people gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on September 14 to remember the victims of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in the United States. In background is the victory column. (AP/WideWorld Photos – Herbert Knosowski)

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