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The War on Terrorism


The War on Terrorism

"When there is a lack of security worldwide the economy is the first to feel it. This emerged once again very clearly in the wake of September 11. Prior to the attacks we said: "Economic development requires peace, and peace requires economic development," and that was certainly correct. Today we would add: Security promotes development, but development also promotes security. The beginning of the 21st century has been overshadowed by a horrible tragedy, the destruction of the twin towers. But I think that a new international awareness and, as such, new international cooperation has arisen out of the ruins of "ground zero".
Speech by German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder at the World Economic Forum 2002 in New York. February 1, 2002 Fulltext

"U.S.-European leadership has played an important role in the global effort to uncover and disband terrorist cells, to coordinate the arrest or detention of hundreds of terrorists around the world, to freeze millions of dollars in global assets linked to terrorist cells. This kind of cooperation, mandated by a UN resolution, was indeed, as President Bush said, "the first shot in the war against terrorism."
The International Campaign Against Global Terrorism. Remarks by Ambassador Coats. March 5, 2002 Fulltext

"A mighty coalition of civilized nations is now defending our common security. Terrorist assets have been frozen. Terrorist front groups have been exposed. A terrorist regime has been toppled from power. Terrorist plots have been unraveled, from Spain to Singapore. And thousands of terrorists have been brought to justice, are in prison, or are running in fear of their lives. With us today are representatives from many of our partners in this great work, and we're proud to display their flags at the White House this morning. From the contributions these nations have made -- some well known, others not -- I am honored to extend the deepest gratitude of the people of the United States."
President Bush Thanks World Coalition for Anti-Terrorism Efforts. Remarks by President Bush on the Six-Month Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks. March 11, 2002 Fulltext

"On 11 September 2001 the stuff of nightmares became reality explosively and mercilessly. Our world is facing a new totalitarian threat, which this time does not, however, have its roots in Europe. A deadly and vicious wave of terrorism struck at the people and Government of the United States of America, but it could have targeted any other open society. From the very first we knew that this attack on our prime Alliance partner was an attack on us all, on our conceptions of liberty, democracy and human rights. And that the US needed our solidarity, and that the time had come for the Germans and Europeans to pay back the solidarity we owed them, the very solidarity that we had ourselves so naturally claimed for the five decades of the Cold War. We must stand together to fight this deadly threat."
Speech by German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer at the presentation of the Eric M. Warburg Prize of "Atlantik-Brücke e.V." to George Bush, former President of the USA, Berlin. April 17, 2002 Fulltext

"In the days just after September the 11th, I told the American people that this would be a different war, fought on many fronts. Today, around the world, we make progress on the many fronts. In some cases, we use military force. In others, we're fighting through diplomacy, financial pressure, or special operations. In every case, we will defeat the threats against our country and the civilized world."
President Bush Outlines War Effort. Remarks by the President to the George C. Marshall ROTC Award Seminar on National Security. Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. April 17, 2002 Fulltext

President Bush speaks at the Bundestag"By remaining united, we are meeting modern threats with the greatest resources of wealth and will ever assembled by free nations. Together, Europe and the United States have the creative genius, the economic power, the moral heritage, and the democratic vision to protect our liberty and to advance our cause of peace. Different as we are, we are building and defending the same house of freedom -- its doors open to all of Europe's people, its windows looking out to global challenges beyond. We must lay the foundation with a Europe that is whole and free and at peace for the first time in its history."
President Bush Thanks Germany for Support Against Terror. Remarks to a Special Session of the German Bundestag. May 23, 2002 Fulltext

"When the great powers share common values, we are better able to confront serious regional conflicts together, better able to cooperate in preventing the spread of violence or economic chaos. In the past, great power rivals took sides in difficult regional problems, making divisions deeper and more complicated. Today, from the Middle East to South Asia, we are gathering broad international coalitions to increase the pressure for peace. We must build strong and great power relations when times are good; to help manage crisis when times are bad. America needs partners to preserve the peace, and we will work with every nation that shares this noble goal."
President Bush Delivers Graduation Speech at West Point. June 1, 2002 Fulltext

"After September the 11th, we needed to move quickly, and so I appointed Tom Ridge as my Homeland Security Advisor. As Governor Ridge has worked with all levels of government to prepare a national strategy, and as we have learned more about the plans and capabilities of the terrorist network, we have concluded that our government must be reorganized to deal more effectively with the new threats of the 21st century. So tonight, I ask the Congress to join me in creating a single, permanent department with an overriding and urgent mission: securing the homeland of America, and protecting the American people." Remarks by President Bush in Address to the Nation. June 6, 2002 Fulltext

"My nation will work with the U.N. Security Council to meet our common challenge. If Iraq's regime defies us again, the world must move deliberately, decisively to hold Iraq to account. We will work with the U.N. Security Council for the necessary resolutions. But the purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The Security Council resolutions will be enforced -- the just demands of peace and security will be met -- or action will be unavoidable. And a regime that has lost its legitimacy will also lose its power."
Remarks by President Bush in Address to the United Nations General Assembly. September 12, 2002 Fulltext


President Bush speaking at a Special Session of the German Bundestag, Berlin, May 23, 2002 (BPA).

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