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Special Feature:

Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown,
the First English Settlement in the Americas

American Indians See Opportunity in Jamestown Anniversary
USINFO, May 4, 2007
Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, was founded not in the wilderness of legend but rather in the midst of a thriving agricultural community. The small fort on Virginia’s James River had as its neighbors at least 14,000 individuals and approximately 30 tribes comprising the Powhatan paramount chiefdom, in a land the natives called “Tsenacomoco,” Algonquian for “densely inhabited land.”

In light of their later treatment by European settlers, modern-day American Indians in Virginia might be expected to resent the activities surrounding the 400th anniversary of Jamestown’s founding, but many in the native community are embracing the opportunity to direct popular attention beyond the romanticized tales of John Smith and Pocahontas. They are sharing their story to promote a more realistic understanding of the complex society the first English colonists encountered, and explain how the American Indian tribes have managed, despite extreme hardship, to maintain their identities. Read more..


Pocahontas Played Mythic Role in Founding of Jamestown
USINFO, May 4, 2007
One of the most famous stories connected with the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, portrays Pocahontas, daughter of paramount chief Powhatan, heroically saving English colonial leader John Smith from being clubbed to death in 1607. But some scholars dispute the historical accuracy of the event, based entirely on Smith’s own writings 17 years after it supposedly occurred. Read more ..

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