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Multi-Language Versions of U.S. Government Publications

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Selected E-Journals | Selected Publications

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Selected E-Journals
Significant Events in U.S. Foreign Relations (1900 - 2001) (Apr 06) | PDF CD
The Challenges of Globalization (Feb 05) | PDF CD
College and University Education in the United States (Nov 05) | PDF CD     
See You in the USA (Sep 05) | PDF CD    
American Teenagers (Jul 05) | PDF CD   
Protecting the Environment (Jun 05) | PDF CD     
The Supreme Court of the United States (Apr 05) | PDF CD     
Today's Nuclear Equation (March 2005) | PDF CD
The United States in 2005: Who We Are Today (Dec 04) | PDF CD 
Access to the Courts: Equal Justice for All (Aug 04) | PDF   CD 
The U.S. & NATO: An Alliance of Purpose (Jun 04) | PDF CD   
Sports in America (Dec 03) | PDF CD      
The Arts in America (Apr 03)    


Selected U.S. Government Publications
About America: The Constitution of the United States of America With Explanatory Notes  (July 2004)    
About America: Edward R. Murrow, Journalism at Its Best (April 2006)    
About America: How the United States Is Governed (October 2005)    
About America: Women of Influence  (February 2006)    
Art on the Edge: 17 Contemporary American Artists  (November 2004)    
Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy  (September 2001, originally published in 1994)    
Biodiversity Series  (April 2001)    
The Civil Rights Movement and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  (November 1998 )    
Democracy Papers  (November 2001)    
Elections 2004
Focus on: Intellectual Property Rights  (January 2006)    
George W. Bush: 43rd President of the United States  (November 2004)    
Human Rights and You  
If You Want to Study in the United States:
Undergraduate Study  
Graduate and Professional Study and Research
Short-Term Study, English Language Programs
Distance Education, and Accreditation  

Introduction to Human Rights  (April 2001)    
The Language of Trade  (July 2000)    
Muslim Life in America  (October 2002)
Outline of American Literature  (November 1998)    
Outline of the U.S. Economy  (February 2001)  
Outline of U.S. Government  (September 2000)
Outline of U.S. History (November 2005)    
Outline of the U.S. Legal System  (December 2004)    
Portrait of the USA  (March 1999)
Principles of Democracy  (Updated April 2005)    
The Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)  (June 2004)    
A Responsible Press Office: An Insiders Guide  (September 2001)    
Rights of the People: Individual Freedom and the Bill of Rights  (December 2003)    
Transparency in Government  (December 1999)    
An Unfettered Press  (April 2001, originally published in 1994)    
What Is Democracy?  (September 1998, originally published in 1992)    
What Is a Market Economy?  (September 1998, originally published in 1992)    
Working for Women, Worldwide: The U.S. Commitment  (February 2005)    
Writers on America  (December 2002)    


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