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The Long Campaign
eJournal USA: The Long Campaign - U.S. Elections 2008
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Background Guide to the 2008 Elections
PBS: By the People - Election 2008
NPR: Election 2008
PBS Online NewsHour: Vote 2008
Federal Election Commission
VOA: The Road to the 2008 US-Elections
Council on Foreign Relations: Campaign 2008
Brookings Institute: Campaign Finance
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The Green Papers: General Election USA 2008
Outline of U.S. Government: The Role of the Citizen CD
What is Democracy? - Elections
Politics1: Presidency 2008
LoC: Presidential Elections and the Electoral College
NARA: US Electoral College

CRS Reports
Elections Reform: Overview and Issues
Presidential Nominating Process: Current Issues
Presidential Elections in the United States: A Primer
The Electoral College: Overview and Analysis of Reform Proposals
The Electoral College: How It Works in Contemporary Presidential Elections

Original Documents
U.S. Department of Justice: Voting Rights Laws
LoC: The Proceedings of the Electoral Commission of 1877

Washington Post: Politics Multimedia
C-SPAN: Road to the White House

Statistics, Maps & Polls
Poll Closing Times
Dave Leip's Atlas of Presidential Elections
Polling Report: Election 2008
Office of the Clerk: Election Statistics
U.S. Census Bureau: Voting and Registration

270 to Win: Interactive Electoral College Map
WSJ Electoral College Calculato


In a true democracy, people are free to disagree. As we entered the 2008 election cycle, we saw candidates, voters, pollsters, and pundits agree and disagree on just about everything.

Questions arose: Do voters choose the president based on issues or leadership qualities? Does the Electoral College work or should the election system be changed? Do political polls mean anything months before an election?

In the 2008 elections, U.S. voters had the opportunity to vote for president and vice president, congressional representatives, state and local officials, and ballot initiatives. There was much at stake. The presidential election is just part of the story. In the U.S. system of divided government, the outcome of congressional elections will determine how successful the next president will be in carrying out his or her agenda.

What was the story of the 2008 U.S. election? -- The election was a fresh start, an opportunity for voters to go to the polls and vote their beliefs.

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Democratic Convention 2008
Republican National Convention


Election Calendar

National Association of Secretaries of State
Calendar of 2008 State Primaries and Caucuses
NASS Calendar of 2008 State Primary & Caucus Dates (pdf)
National Conference of State Legislatures
2008 Presidential Primary Calendar
2008 Presidential Primary Calendar – State Order
Federal Election Commission
2008 Presidential Primary Dates and Candidate Filing Deadlines for Ballot Access (pdf)
The Green Papers
2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions Chronologically
2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions Alphabetically by State
The New York Times
2008 Republican Primary Schedule, 2008 Democratic Primary Schedule

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