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1989-1994 - Reunification

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CRS Issues Brief: German-American Relations in the New Europe
Deutsch-amerikanische Beziehungen
Restructuring U.S. Military Bases in Germany: Scope, Impacts, and Opportunities
Senate Record Vote Analysis: Treaty with Respect to the Final Settlement with Germany. Agreeing to the Resolution of Ratification

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German Unification: Five Years After, 1989-1994 | Student Exercises
Lehrerinformationen - Ein Rundgang durch die Dauerausstellung im Alliertenmuseum
The Road to Unification

President Bush, Chancellor Kohl
President George Bush &
Chancellor Helmut Kohl

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 led to monetary and political union within the framework of the Federal Republic's Basic Law. All-German elections were held in December 1990.

The negotiations that accompanied the process of reunification -- internal between the Federal Republic and the German Democratic Republic and external with the four postwar occupying powers -- were intricate and complex. Agreements on security issues, in particular the role of the new Germany in NATO, were crucial to both the United States and Russia. For the United States, the continuing membership of Germany in NATO became the indispensable transatlantic link that assured an institutionalized presence in Europe.

After 50 years, the last U.S. military brigade left Berlin in July 1994

Original Documents
"A Europe Whole and Free" Remarks to the Citizens in Mainz. President George Bush. Rheingoldhalle. Mainz, Federal Republic of Germany, May 31, 1989 | Deutsch CD
Address to the German People on the Reunification of Germany. President George Bush. October 2, 1990. CD
"Berlin is free!" Remarks by President Bill Clinton in Address to the People of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin, Germany, July 12, 1994 | Deutsch CD
Inactivation Ceremony of the Berlin Brigade. Remarks by President Bill Clinton. McNair Barracks. Berlin, Germany, July 12, 1994 | Deutsch CD
Message to the Senate Transmitting the Treaty on the Reunification of Germany. President George Bush. September 25, 1990. CD
Remarks on Signing the German-American Day Proclamation at a White House Ceremony Celebrating the Reunification of Germany. President George Bush. October 3, 1990. CD


Original Documents
Remarks to Multinational Audience of Future Leaders of Europe. President Bill Clinton. Brussels, Belgium, January 9, 1994. CD
"Two-plus-Four-Treaty": Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany. September 12, 1990 | Deutsch

German Reunification Day Exhibit (National Archives)

George Bush U.S. President (1989-1993)
Helmut Kohl
, Federal Chancellor (1982-98) | Deutsch

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